Jocelyn Yiu


Fire Hydrants:  A Book Work


I've been collecting photos of Fire Hydrants since second year of university. I've filled a book with them for my second year thesis. But since then, I've had a collection of them living in my photo library. Now I'm trying to take their photo myself.

But it all started like this.



Graphite on Cardstock, coloured with Sketchbook Pro (2011)

This was a Sketchbook Pro test from my iPad.

The underlying base was drawn on stock paper with Graphite. Rather than breaking out a scanner, I took a photo of it and ported it into Sketchbook Pro for iPad. While I am still a little uneasy using it as a medium, the app was really just to allow me to airbrush colour into the portrait without breaking out an actual airbrush. 

This is just a look at the 'Work in Progress', in this small tribute to Steve Jobs. 

The Bone Book: A Study in Osteology


A study guide drawn in a Moleskine Plain notebook created for an Osteology class I was taking.

Hitchhiker's Guide: Storyboards


'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'

Brilliant book by Douglas Adams, interpreted in a billion different ways. This, I know wasn't entirely well received by critics as a film, but the 2005 adaptation with Martin Freeman, Mos Def, Zooey Deschanel and Sam Rockwell. I chose this scene, (Timecode: 00:58:24 - 01:00:08).