Jocelyn Yiu



Graphite on Cardstock, coloured with Sketchbook Pro (2011)This was a Sketchbook Pro test from my iPad. The underlying base was drawn on stock paper with Graphite. Rather than breaking out a scanner, I took a photo of it and ported it into Sketchbook Pro for iPad. While I am still a little uneasy using it as a medium, the app was really just to allow me to airbrush colour into the portrait without breaking out an actual airbrush. This is just a look at the 'Work in Progress', in t…
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"Disney Kills 2D Animation"

I was met with this title tonight. I was raised on Sesame Street, Disney movies & Looney Tunes. It sparked my imagination and fuelled my desire to create and explore. It taught me how to live outside the box that i was brought up in, how it was okay to be a dreamer and to take bigger risks; to think of the endless possibilities that the world brings. I remember seeing The Sword in the Stone for the first time. The finely detailed film about a boy trying to find his way. The movie appeared o…
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